Kyle Rovira, EA
Financial Planning

Kyle got into financial planning more by force than by trying. After seeing clients put their hard earned money into financial instruments that seem to benefit brokers and insurance agents rather than themselves, Kyle has been guiding many clients as independent investors.

Kyle does not sell financial products. Kyle pushes for clients to have diversified portfolios using no-load mutual funds & ETFs that work over the long haul. Kyle believes in a limited amount of life insurance using term policies. Kyle will encourage clients to discipline themselves and achieve goals that far exceed those bought through investment and insurance firms.


This is a highly overlooked benefit that just about everyone needs. Many financial mistakes can be avoided with a little professional guidance. Many mistakes start years earlier and have a long-term effect that a value is impossible to estimate.

Website design and Hosting

Although written in the third person, I designed this website from the ground up. Starting with the registration of the screen name and ending with the last update, I do it all.

Once you have your website up and running, I will train you to update your site and grow your e-commerce business. I will remain a support tool for as long as you need me after that. You will be able to do all of this without having to buy software or have staff trained in HTML.

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